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Noe Form Design is the creation of collaborative work between Siamak and Hannah Gorgeen.  Siamak is responsible for the design of different furniture pieces and Hannah is responsible for the creation of 3D modeling and graphic design.


Neo Form Corporation was incorporated in the State of Virginia in 1999 and has been in business ever since engaging in architectural and engineering practices in the United States of America.   Neo Form Corporation has been awarded many accolades and honors for architectural design excellence.  Design of furniture is an extension of architectural design dealing with human form and scale.  Neo Form Design is a subsidiary of Neo Form Corporation.


We believe design should be timeless and void of trendiness, thus we articulate geometrical and unique forms and shapes inspired by classical design elements to create our furniture design.  Each design is analyzed for the joinery in order to remain true to the art of professional woodworking and craftsmanship and then engineered for structural integrity. Function and comfort are essential ingredient part of our design and given utmost attention.   Our designs are harmonious while projecting drama and sense of regal which is fundamental aspect of classical design.



The business model of Neo Form Design is based on direct marketing system; under which wholesaler, distributer and retailer are bypassed and the products from the manufacturers are directly shipped to the consumers, hence resulting in better prices for the consumers.  This business plan is presently utilized in furniture industry under the title of “Contract furniture”; however, it only serves corporate, hospitality, chain business and other clients with mass purchasing power.  Under our business plan we use “Groupon” concept to give the same advantage to individual buyers by creating a pool of buyers.

Neo Form Design would like to promote its unique design of furniture through its website.  We solicit manufacturers, craftsmen, cabinetmakers, furniture builders, master crafters, etc., to manufacture and build our furniture.  We will attract and find pool of individual, corporate, hospitality, etc. buyers for our manufactured products.


The manufacturer who are interested in producing our design initially must sign a nondisclosure agreement and submit the Form as a legally binding document. The manufacturer must also be prequalified by presenting his qualification including samples of his work, work history, financial ability, etc.  Thereafter he will be allowed to download the blue print for the design that he is interested to produce.  After this process the manufacturer will be requested to offer Prices/bids for different designs.  Manufacturers will be required to offer pricing/bidding on different quantities such as 10, 30, 60, etc. for each pieces of design in order for the individual pools can purchase the products.  Corporate, hospitality and other clients with mass purchasing ability will determine the quantity any pieces of furniture based on their needs.  The manufacturer who have a website will be allowed to have a link with Neo Form Design's website in order for the buyer to be able to determine their qualifications and make selection.



Our clients are in two categories, the first category includes corporate, hospitality, chain business and other business entities with mass purchasing power and the second category includes individuals who can form a pool in order to gain the same advantage as clients with mass purchasing power.



This group of clients can determine the number any given product that they like and decide which manufacturer best meets their needs and requirements based on quality, price, etc.  They can negotiate with the manufacturer of their choice over price and other terms and conditions of the contract.   Material such as type of wood, upholstery, etc. also can be selected by the client.



Creating pool of individual is essential to accomplish best prices.   As is evident in manufacturing the higher the quantity the lower is the price of each product, thus pool of 10, 30, 60, etc. will be needed.   The individual can register and sign up for the purchase of any product and receive a voucher.   Once the pool for the given number (10, 30, 60, etc.) is completed the sale is finalized.  There are some flexibility in the choice of type of wood, finish, upholstery, etc. depending on the manufacturer.



Neo Form Design will provide warranties for the engineering integrity of its design and the manufacturer will provide warranties for the workmanship, and material of our products.


Neo Form Corporation has obtained a registered trade mark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on September 12, 2017.   The Registration number is 5,284,229 and the trade mark symbol is as appears below. Moreover, Neo From Corporation has acquired copyright protection from United Sates Copyright Office for all its design.

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